The hospitable and welcoming atmosphere and the ideal location are a few of the key features of your stay at Panoramika Design & Spa. This is the Panoramika, a brand new modern hotel which just opened its doors in Skopje and yet has already managed to create a buzz with its different approach to hospitality. It is no coincidence that the experience of staying with us is unique. Superior quality services make the guests feel “at home” while maintaining ideal balance of service and discretion. The continuous alternation of unique design styles in combination with an excellent cooperation obtained between the building structure and the natural light, generate an astonishing and simultaneously exciting atmosphere. Enjoy it!

-Standard Room-


This interior room is decorated to the highest standards. The highlighting of Design construction materials in combination with the incorporation of cutting edge technology, provides the visitors with a sense of security.

-Superior Room-


Focusing on its simple approach to luxury and highlighting outdoor elements, the space exudes warmth and elegance, while managing to relax its visitors without any unnecessary additions. The sense of the ultimate relaxation.

-Deluxe Room-


Simple architectural structures in a single format but with clear lines easily noticed by the visitor. Hospitality within this deluxe room will amaze you as you will find items that provide you with a sense of elegance and freshness, while the cautious atmospheric designer lighting, positively motivates the guest.

-Junior Suite-


The impressive light fixtures form space differentiation, while the natural light from the windows baths the room and the intense presence of wood warms the space and enhance the guest’s sense of absolute hospitality. The space maintaining is allowing the guest to move around freely.

-Senior Suite-

Idyllic retreat for enjoying Skopje

With the imposing and simultaneously balanced presence of all materials and furniture, your stay in the Senior suite will make you leave behind every single negative thought. Once again, the lighting comes to play a crucial role in an area that was built to make you feel at home…

-Presidential Suite-

Located on the first floor of the Hotel Panoramika Design & Spa our sprawling three-bedroom, two-bathroom Presidential Suite encompasses over 180 magnificent square meters, while its many windows frame iconic views of Skopje. The moment you enter the grand foyer of Presidential Suite, the hustle and bustle of daily life fade away in the face of its timeless elegance. Classically-inspired décor is evident everywhere – graceful panel molding on the walls, at the sealing and in the master bathroom, symmetrical inlay in the polished wood floors, decorative columns flanking the entrance to the dining room and ceiling panels that offset the crystal chandeliers twinkling in their center. The terrace of Panoramika Presidential suites, with the elegance furniture, will allow you to observe the city of Skopje, in harmony with your emotions, as you will realize the dream is finally a reality and it is happening for the first time in Skopje.

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